Santa Monica Beach

I went to Santa Monica Beach today after the last two days being stuck at home a bit sick and coughing. I was feeling better today, thank god! I have to travel to NYC again tomorrow for the weekend. All this moving and traveling is starting to exhaust me =( Hopefully things will simmer down when I get back next week. I’ve been all over the place even in NYC before I moved out to LA. I’m hoping for a sense of feeling more grounded in one place for once. It was really nice going to the beach today and sitting on the sand and painting! I have a little travel watercolor set and a small watercolor sketchbook from Italy. These sketches I do are fairly small and takes less than an hour, but for me it brings me back to that sense of peace again when I create. Happy =)

Lunch time sketching

Flannel wearing lumberjack hipster with boots! I sketched my coworker today because he’s always so stylish and such a character! People in NYC are definitely a lot more polished and stylish here vs. the West Coast where everyone is always dressed down and wearing a t-shirt. I really appreciate New York fashion with its clean lines and polished looks. I’m not a slave to fashion but I really like it when people look put together, it shows me that they took the time to make themselves presentable and want to make a good impression on the world. After all, sometimes you only get to make one good impression– usually that’s what most people remember anyway.


Its a new year and I told myself I would do more fashion illustration sketches. And just more sketching in general everyday! I have missed out a bit last year being in a fashion drawing group because I was so busy with life, grad school, work work in general. But this year I’m going to get more involved! Excited for what this new year may bring =)

Don’t be shy Jelly.

Haha. I sketched this out on the plane yesterday. Due to the fact that I absolutely love PB&J but cannot eat it! Arrrghh. I’m on a homeopathic diet and it does not allow for sugar and grains. Sad face. Maybe some day soon!

By the way if you’re interested in this drawing, my Zazzle Store is up and running! Slowly populating the page with products but will have more fun stuff soon! This PB&J drawing is available in a grocery tote bag and also as a postcard! Let me know if you are curious in seeing it on other products that I haven’t thought of!

Vector Therapy. Work it girl. Work it! "Working Girl"

I’ve been on a mission to work on a few Vector Illustrations lately, re-visiting my Graphic Design skills. The past 2 years, I’ve been a traditional artist since I started Grad School so I haven’t been using Adobe Illustrator all that much, but that’s gonna change! I’m hoping to do a few a week! Ready, Set, Go!!

Here is my original sketch …

Process junkee

Here’s a set of drawings that I did over the weekend. This whole sequence is a part in the story where Chip (the shape-shifting spirit) brings Isis through these magical portals to an ancient civilization called Atlantis. I find it really hard to talk about and describe what the story is about. I’m continually changing my words around and I’m actually going to have someone else write the synopsis for me. I find it really interesting how my creative process works… stepping beside myself to observe myself! Ha. I don’t think I ever make any sense! I think I go through different parts of the story and write and draw different parts by whatever I feel inspired to work on at that moment, its never planned out ahead of time. I do however keep a sketchbook of just thumbnails and plan the pages that way. It’s like a whole day of drawing, break, the next day ink, then scan, then do more thumbnails, then repeat! That has been my past 3 weeks… I was starting to really get burnt out by this story in the last 6 months, I’ve never completely invested in a project such as this and I’m now just having a ton of fun writing the dialogue and inventing things as I go along! Its quite rewarding surprisingly. I usually get bored after I’ve worked on a project for too long. But no Dreamwalker is special, since I’ve written it completely and have put my perspective and my experiences about what I think about the universe and humanity and crafted it into a graphic novel.
As an artist, I’m really more of a visual learner, when I look at a picture I just “get it”. Its harder for me to articulate all my feelings into words, drawing them is probably an easier way of showing others.