Santa Monica Beach

I went to Santa Monica Beach today after the last two days being stuck at home a bit sick and coughing. I was feeling better today, thank god! I have to travel to NYC again tomorrow for the weekend. All this moving and traveling is starting to exhaust me =( Hopefully things will simmer down when I get back next week. I’ve been all over the place even in NYC before I moved out to LA. I’m hoping for a sense of feeling more grounded in one place for once. It was really nice going to the beach today and sitting on the sand and painting! I have a little travel watercolor set and a small watercolor sketchbook from Italy. These sketches I do are fairly small and takes less than an hour, but for me it brings me back to that sense of peace again when I create. Happy =)

Lunch time sketching

Flannel wearing lumberjack hipster with boots! I sketched my coworker today because he’s always so stylish and such a character! People in NYC are definitely a lot more polished and stylish here vs. the West Coast where everyone is always dressed down and wearing a t-shirt. I really appreciate New York fashion with its clean lines and polished looks. I’m not a slave to fashion but I really like it when people look put together, it shows me that they took the time to make themselves presentable and want to make a good impression on the world. After all, sometimes you only get to make one good impression– usually that’s what most people remember anyway.


Its a new year and I told myself I would do more fashion illustration sketches. And just more sketching in general everyday! I have missed out a bit last year being in a fashion drawing group because I was so busy with life, grad school, work work in general. But this year I’m going to get more involved! Excited for what this new year may bring =)