Silly sketch I drew today.

Wow, its been a rough Spring Semester of grad school and its finally over! OMG. What do I do now? Its as if the last couple of months went by like a blur and I didn’t even really get to see friends all that much or go out altogether. I’ve been stuck after work and on the weekends working, drawing, painting my backgrounds, etc… at home!  I have to come up with a printed Visual Development book to include all process sketches and finished paintings by the end of this year on a story I picked or came up with.  So far so good, I’ve finally settled on a style! YIPPEE!! I sketched this little doodle today to reming myself that no matter how hard it got this semester– that I would not give up and get lazy about getting my work done for my two classes. This semester was a SUCCESS since I really did make a true effort to make sure I got everything done every week, I didn’t have to do much with refining or re-doing any assignments. The two background paintings I did, took the longest. If you are curious about my work, you can visit my artblog here. 

I’m glad I sailed through and didn’t give up when I was half asleep most of the time. I almost burnt out! My life has been extremely busy the last few months and its nice to be able to wind down a bit. New summer adventures await me! I’ll be traveling in the next few weeks. First stop San Diego at the end of this month to attend a good friend’s wedding and then back to New York again for two weeks and then jetting off to Italy in mid-June! Firenze here I come! I’m studying abroad in Florence this summer and taking a plein-air painting class through my school and I cannot wait! I’ve been preparing and looking forward to go on this trip for the last couple of months. All systems go! Its always been a dream of mine to go to Italy and experience the art, culture, and food of course! I’ll be able to study painting much more closely and to just breathe in the city, it will be nice outdoors. A change of scenery will do me good, it was a long disgusting New York winter that I had to endure. I feel very blessed and lucky to be able to go on this trip and study at SRISA in Firenze. Cannot wait! Will post pics indefinitely.