Then and Now video

I stumbled upon this video on someone’s blog recently. I thought it was interesting that this is so true in our society now that we are so inundated and preoccupied  by so many gadgets and devices that we forget to really make a connection with a random stranger. Sometimes its those random moments I appreciate and chance meetings with people that I cherish. This video was very creatively made. The director offered up two different alternative realities and its up to the viewer how they want to perceive this video. It really makes you think how the role of technology really affects us, in my opinion it makes us a little cold. I once stood behind someone really attractive at a Starbucks line and I ALMOST hit on a guy but he was too busy on his cell phone! Schucks. Oh well. Haha.

Spread Love it’s the Brooklyn Way

Blowin up my Society 6 profile with new work! Populating on the the daily with new and old work! Keep checking, I’ll have new stuff available on the daily! This artwork below I created tonight available as prints of all sizes, hoodies, tees, and iPhone cases! Go buy stuff! This is from Biggie’s song “Juicy”

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The Secret of Kells

I really love this style and the shapes the original designer used to communicate some of the features, I’ve been exploring a bunch of other styles the last few months, thanks to my character design class that’s opened me up to other artists such as cheeks, Stephen silver, and Bruce timm, those are just some of my faves, I also like the way Colin Jack draws children with a sense of whimsy. Most of all I really love doing fanart! Lol. Enjoy!

Don’t be such a poopie head

If you let your EGO get in the way all the time and always think you’re right, then you really don’t leave any room for reason, criticism and improvement. Your always going to think the way you do and stuck in your own perception of life… when you learn to be more receptive and open to another’s point of view, then you allow your energy to change, this leaves you free, adaptable, and movable. You then learn to let go of all the rules you’ve imposed on yourself and the limiting beliefs and ideas that were once yours — no longer have a place in your life or your own free, creative spirit.

— Diane

Care Bear Stare

Oh yes the care bear stare! How can you refuse this image? Kill them with kindness. Sometimes all it takes is one person to make a difference and lift spirits. My friend sent me this image as an ongoing joke about my liking care bears, I really do like the care bears! So much positivity and simplicity brought into a children’s cartoon. We should all learn how to be a little bit more caring. Don’t be a Dark Heart! Its true what they say that people who are the meanest need more love than anybody else.

I have yet to get an actual care bear for my studio space to remind me not to ever be a poopie head. Why be a poopie head when you can be nice?

I also found this video to a 3D care bear show. LOL. I hope this brightens your day!


Work Table Sketches

I sort of wasted my morning designing my “ideal” work table
Originally uploaded by Dreamwalker37

I sort of wasted my morning designing my “ideal” work table, this came out of a need to have everything organized in my work space. It’s a bummer having things all over the place and super hard to work especially if you have to keep moving things around! I’m actually thinking of wanting to build my own desk so that it has all the features I need! lol. I need organization or I might go crazy! I am madness!

Stay Vegan Assole

I found this little patch that I got at the sf zine fest last year when I went. I’ve been cleaning my place the last week ever since I got back from Brooklyn. It just cracks me up every time I look at this! Damn bunnies are cute!

What’s even weirder is that I took this picture when I was walking home one night out and there was this stuffed bunny, just there. Lol. So random!

Hello Tangled Art Book

I saw this today at Alexander Books on 2nd Ave and I couldn’t resist! It’s got some amazing studies, character design, and tons of visual development. After all, I am a visual development artist! I actually saw this with my younger sis last week when I was visiting Reno for Thanksgiving. It’s a really good movie, which I will probably go see again and this time I will bring my 8 year-old! lol. Yeah and I just really want to see it again! Ha.