Electric Fire iPhone 5 case

Its been a while, I didn’t mean to ignore my blog–but lots and lots of things have been happening in my life! First of all, I’m moving back to California! I have been thinking about moving back on and off while living in NYC and I finally decided on it two weeks ago when I gave my two-week notice at my job. I am completely ecstatic to be coming home and I just have missed my family and friends so so much!

Anyway, that’s not why I blogged! I recently finished this concept art painting about a month ago, its been sitting in my hard drive the last few months unfinished and finally I came back from Italy in August and finally had some down time to actually finish it. I couldn’t resist but I really wanted to make a new case for my iPhone and so I uploaded this piece in my Society 6 Store and ordered one! You can see below how awesome it turned out in the image below, the artwork is printed on the casemate brand. They are also available in prints of all sizes in case you were interested!

Why the dragon? The dragon is a symbol for power and inner strength. I love the dragon symbolism.


I’m experimenting with a new style in photoshop these days, trying different things to get different results. This is actually an older drawing I had from months and months ago that I never did anything with. Here’s the original drawing in case you were curious. I learned so much traditional oil painting techniques this summer that it has helped me improve upon my digital painting as well. We also got to visit a lot of museums this summer such as the Uffizi Gallery and the Collection at Pitti Palace in Florence. We had our own personal tour guide, Bill Maughn who is one of the directors at the Academy of Art University– and he’s been to these museums several times. I also got to see a lot of old paintings from the medieval period through the renaissance with angels being depicted in their paintings as messengers of God and also as protectors, the intermediaries between the heavens and humans. Italy is a very inspiring place to visit and study. I’m thankful that I got to study there and also have been completely inspired by the art and environment of Florence.

Lucca watercolor sketch.

Last night’s watercolor sketch on a 7 x10 watercolor sketchbook I purchased in Florence. This is a scene from Lucca I painted from one of my many pictures of Italy. I’ve been experimenting with different colors… I loved this view from the tower that we climbed! I can’t go a day without painting a background! I’m hooked.

Summer Pleinair studies from Italy.

It’s been almost a week now since I’ve gotten back to New York from Florence, Italy. I spent two months this summer from June to August in Florence and did a summer study abroad program in Pleinair Painting. It was an amazing and life changing experience that I still am having a hard time putting into words. I’ve also been blogging about the places I’ve gone to in Italy, you could read about them here at my other blog www.awakebutstilldreaming.com and you can find posts directly related to my experiences in Pleinair Painting as a sport and My last week Pleinair Painting in Florence, Italy.

Here are some of my few favorite quick studies from this summer that I wanted to share. Most of them were done on location, except for a few that I did inside the studio.

San Francisco Cityscape

Last week for my Landscape Painting class, yay! It’s been a long and grueling semester of painting after work until all hours of the night. I’m really glad this class is almost over! For our final painting we were given free reign to choose whatever we wanted to paint. So I chose to do a cityscape painting of San Francisco. I’ve used one of my photos as a reference to capture the scene for the painting. I’m a little bit nostalgic over SF and I had loved living there even though it was such a short time while I did full time graduate work. Nonetheless I wanted to paint something that I could hang up in my current bare apartment walls. This is the underpainting and this is typically what it would look like before adding colors. It makes for a stronger painting when you do the underpainting and know where all the value patterns are, vs attacking the painting with just color head on. The underpainting serves as a guide for applying color and it makes the process go much smoother. I started adding color and will post the color version later on in the week when I actually finish it!

Painting – Fauvism theme

Finally got a chance to upload my finished painting from last Monday. I can’t believe its Friday already, this week has gone by so fast! This was last week’s assignment on an 18×24 sized canvas. I’ve literally pushed myself the last few weeks and ploughed through painting after a short while feeling unmotivated to paint.

The more you do something the more you feel a lot more comfortable at doing it. I have to admit that I get pretty impatient with myself when it comes to painting but now that I have a pretty good handle with the paints and color mixing, I’m a lot faster and my process is streamlined a bit more so I can work at multiple paintings at a time. You have to! its almost necessary sometimes to feel a little bit of a pressure to get things flowing.

This painting is inspired by “Fauvism”.

Landscape – Quick Study #2

This is what I did over the weekend. Yep. I have two other work in progress paintings… I feel like I’ve been a recluse all weekend! Haha. None of these quick study paintings are on location. We’re actually painting from photographs still… But it helps to figure out composition, lighting, value, etc. Feeling a little more confident handling the paint but one of the things I over looked in this painting is adding some of the light from the sky into some of the tops of trees. Sometimes when you’re working on something that’s directly in front of you, its harder to see the bigger picture until you step back and have a look. And then that’s when you realize OH DAMN! it looks like a painting! haha. We’re taught to look at the shapes and all the different values . So there is a process. Dividing the canvas into its respective parts of the composition, then blocking our the darker value shape areas then working towards adding lighter values… Now 3 more paintings to go!

Landscape painting – quick study

I’m taking a Landscape Painting class online this semester as my thesis directed study. I haven’t really painted in oil for years  now and this is my first time painting landscapes. It’s actually kind of fun! Most of our assignments are 11×14 quick studies and we are painting directly from photographs in the first few weeks and then I’m supposed to get one of those backpacking easels and paint on location. I surprised myself over the weekend at how patient I was with painting, I used to get frustrated when I was younger with color mixing. But after a semester of color theory, I was cured of my color mixing anxieties! Painting is unbelievably satisfying, I’m hoping with practice in the next couple of weeks, I can kick ass with landscape painting. Haha, we’ll see!

A fairly inexpensive table easel I got at Utrecht over the weekend. Perfect to set up on top of your desk or drawing table. I had a really simple set up, uncomplicated and I had to go back to the art store three times this week because I had forgotten some gesso and a few brushes.  The critique I got this week from my instructor was that I should have done a few thumbnails for composition before I started blocking in paint because the foreground is nearly the same size as the sky, that’s a big no no. A composition working well would be one with varied shapes  and having a focal point to create a center of interest.