Snowy Landscapes

More landscape painting studies from the past few weeks. I used some old photographs as reference from when I used to vacation and visit my parents in Reno. I do miss the mountains and snow boarding! I have to admit it was very therapeutic to paint these small 11×14 studies, perhaps I will use them for a larger painting one of these days.

The semester is finally done and I am looking forward to not doing anything! I decided I’d stay in New York this year for the holidays instead of going home to San Diego for Christmas, I’m feeling super burnt out these days and wanted something low key this year. I do miss my family on the west coast!

Landscape painting – quick study

I’m taking a Landscape Painting class online this semester as my thesis directed study. I haven’t really painted in oil for years  now and this is my first time painting landscapes. It’s actually kind of fun! Most of our assignments are 11×14 quick studies and we are painting directly from photographs in the first few weeks and then I’m supposed to get one of those backpacking easels and paint on location. I surprised myself over the weekend at how patient I was with painting, I used to get frustrated when I was younger with color mixing. But after a semester of color theory, I was cured of my color mixing anxieties! Painting is unbelievably satisfying, I’m hoping with practice in the next couple of weeks, I can kick ass with landscape painting. Haha, we’ll see!

A fairly inexpensive table easel I got at Utrecht over the weekend. Perfect to set up on top of your desk or drawing table. I had a really simple set up, uncomplicated and I had to go back to the art store three times this week because I had forgotten some gesso and a few brushes.  The critique I got this week from my instructor was that I should have done a few thumbnails for composition before I started blocking in paint because the foreground is nearly the same size as the sky, that’s a big no no. A composition working well would be one with varied shapes  and having a focal point to create a center of interest.