Thesis Character – Sacha North

Working on these character poses all last week. I finally settled on a style for my thesis character. I did reference a lot of Stephen Silver’s work, I love his character designs and I recently bought his character design app! Which is totally worth it to get inspiration from, he freakin rocks.

Anyway, I had a ton of fun drawing these! As you can see this character is fun, energetic, and quite the adventurer. My thesis story has a lot to do with Native American Spirituality fused with the future. Its titled “Neo New York” Will have more to tell soon!

Oh Homer.

This is a class assignment I did last week. New semester, more drawings! I am proud to say that I am 4 classes shy of obtaining my MFA in Visual Development for Animation! Oh yeah! Soon school will be nothing but a faded memory…

I’m taking a directed studies class… which means I can cater the assignments to working on my thesis and drawings!  I’m taking Visual Elements of Story again so I can develop my artwork further. It really is a good class and a pre-requisite course for the Visual Development Artist.

I have til the end of the year to complete my thesis. Woohoooooo! This Homer assignment was necessary to do to make sure we have the experience and practice for following structure when constructing a character. In animation there is a style guide or style sheet for the characters that you follow for drawing consistency and because in reality whether you are working for a studio or on a feature film, there always several people working on a character.

I’m really excited this semester to really get cranking on my drawings and to really see what I come up with. Its going to be a busy Spring semester for me as I also work a 9-5 job! Everyday I’m hustlin!! That’s the New York City energy, gotta love it.

I may be M.I.A. for a while, just a heads up. =p But I will try to post more updates.


San Francisco Cityscape

Last week for my Landscape Painting class, yay! It’s been a long and grueling semester of painting after work until all hours of the night. I’m really glad this class is almost over! For our final painting we were given free reign to choose whatever we wanted to paint. So I chose to do a cityscape painting of San Francisco. I’ve used one of my photos as a reference to capture the scene for the painting. I’m a little bit nostalgic over SF and I had loved living there even though it was such a short time while I did full time graduate work. Nonetheless I wanted to paint something that I could hang up in my current bare apartment walls. This is the underpainting and this is typically what it would look like before adding colors. It makes for a stronger painting when you do the underpainting and know where all the value patterns are, vs attacking the painting with just color head on. The underpainting serves as a guide for applying color and it makes the process go much smoother. I started adding color and will post the color version later on in the week when I actually finish it!

Painting – Fauvism theme

Finally got a chance to upload my finished painting from last Monday. I can’t believe its Friday already, this week has gone by so fast! This was last week’s assignment on an 18×24 sized canvas. I’ve literally pushed myself the last few weeks and ploughed through painting after a short while feeling unmotivated to paint.

The more you do something the more you feel a lot more comfortable at doing it. I have to admit that I get pretty impatient with myself when it comes to painting but now that I have a pretty good handle with the paints and color mixing, I’m a lot faster and my process is streamlined a bit more so I can work at multiple paintings at a time. You have to! its almost necessary sometimes to feel a little bit of a pressure to get things flowing.

This painting is inspired by “Fauvism”.

More Sacha North Character Explorations

Good news, I passed my Thesis Review at the Academy of Art University! I’m now approved for my project concept that I presented last week to a panel of instructors at the school. My panel included Charles Keagle, David Netherey, and Phillip Morris who’ve all at one point either worked for Disney, Pixar and ILM, they are a great group of instructors with a lot of knowledge and suggestions that they imparted during our discussion. It was such a great experience being able to present my ideas and getting approved to proceed with working on it. I’m so happy that I have literally 6 classes left, which means this fall, next spring, and I can finish next summer. I am excited! Here are more color explorations I did for my main thesis character.

Sacha North – Thesis color explorations

Here are some concepts I’ve been exploring with the main character I created for my Thesis. Its really fun to explore a little bit of color in Photoshop and come up with a color scheme. I did two different skin and hair color schemes. I’m kinda diggin the blonde with the blue and red costume, but who knows I may change it again!  The protagonist is a free-spirited orphan girl named Sacha North.

Pan background assignment

This semester has been rough! I had such a busy schedule this spring, from my 9-5 here in New York and two online classes. On top of that I was taking a 6 week novel writing workshop which ends this week as well! But I’m glad I pulled through and now I can look forward to finishing my writing and my Cali trip next week! Yay! Here is a background I did for a panning assignment. Its from an Animation Layout Design class that I had this spring. This is still in its rough version, but you get the idea, my character is running down the hill trying to chase the cable car. This is part of my thesis project which I’m still unbelievably working on in my spare time. Its supposed to pan from left to right and I haven’t yet drawn where the character is positioned at in 3 different pan shots. Maybe I will repost again when I finish.