Process junkee

Here’s a set of drawings that I did over the weekend. This whole sequence is a part in the story where Chip (the shape-shifting spirit) brings Isis through these magical portals to an ancient civilization called Atlantis. I find it really hard to talk about and describe what the story is about. I’m continually changing my words around and I’m actually going to have someone else write the synopsis for me. I find it really interesting how my creative process works… stepping beside myself to observe myself! Ha. I don’t think I ever make any sense! I think I go through different parts of the story and write and draw different parts by whatever I feel inspired to work on at that moment, its never planned out ahead of time. I do however keep a sketchbook of just thumbnails and plan the pages that way. It’s like a whole day of drawing, break, the next day ink, then scan, then do more thumbnails, then repeat! That has been my past 3 weeks… I was starting to really get burnt out by this story in the last 6 months, I’ve never completely invested in a project such as this and I’m now just having a ton of fun writing the dialogue and inventing things as I go along! Its quite rewarding surprisingly. I usually get bored after I’ve worked on a project for too long. But no Dreamwalker is special, since I’ve written it completely and have put my perspective and my experiences about what I think about the universe and humanity and crafted it into a graphic novel.
As an artist, I’m really more of a visual learner, when I look at a picture I just “get it”. Its harder for me to articulate all my feelings into words, drawing them is probably an easier way of showing others.