Brooklyn Babe

Lately I’ve been getting inspired by what some women have been wearing on the trains in NYC. I love the eclectic mix of styles, from business suits to trendy styles, I really am starting to appreciate the diversity of people and cultures in New York and Brooklyn. I love that each and every person I see randomly has a way of inspiring me in even the smallest ways. I hope to post more of these drawings soon!

Lately I’ve been more focused on writing and going to my Novel Writing Class in Brooklyn, I’m learning so much! And the writing exercises we do in class has really been helping me with my writing. I’ve been learning how to think on the spot and come up with random ideas based on topics. Some of the fun ones we recently did in class was do Character Sketches in which we would imagine what kind of shoes our character would wear and you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes! And also reading other short excerpts and chapters from different novels to get a sense of learning to write in a certain way. My mind is so open right now, I feel like a sponge! I’m soaking everything up right now!

This drawing I did was inspired by a girl I saw randomly on the train and she had this really cute haircut. Although I couldn’t figure out what her style was, somewhere between a futurist and someone dressing for the cold weather. I don’t know, but she looked really comfy and cute at the same time that I just had to draw her!