CTNX 2013

First time I’ve ever been to CTN Animation Expo and I was super inspired by so much talent!

There were a lot of really cool workshops and lectures that I went to and a few of them were Color and Design with Lorelay Bove and Jill Daniels which they stressed the importance of using color to tell the story and to express the mood and feeling. The other really awesome one was called “Be Your Own Boss” which a successful freelance artist named Cedric Hohnstadt talked about freelancing tips and the resources available to us as independent artist. I also went to a Storyboarding workshop by Storyboard.org and they had Giancarlo Volpe as a speaker and he gave a lecture about working on the Avatar series and the Green Lantern series on Disney. I had a hell of a time re-connecting with old friends and making new friends with other artists. The Animation industry is so small and tight knit, it was super cool to see what other artists are doing and finally meeting some of the artists I admired. One of them was Stephen Silver whom I admire for his character design work and Pascal Campion who creates whimsical and colorful images. Here are some books I got at CTNX.

Meet Me in Seattle March 29th

I have been invited to Seattle for Emerald City Comic-Con on Friday March 29th and Saturday March 30th, I will be in the Artist Alley section, I am not sure where my table is just yet but I will probably know soon!

First things first, I am re-printing a short run of Dreamwalker Graphic Novel for Seattle and I am taking pre-orders until March 12th. This is your only chance to snag another copy if you didn’t get one from Comic-con San Diego 2011. This will be the 2nd Edition print, with many additional extras and pages I didn’t include from my past print run of the original 52 page Dreamwalker Graphic Novel.

This new edition will include extra pages I was conceiving and more characters introduced that I had finished before last year’s con but were not included in the previous version.  I’m also including most of the process sketches and development for the graphic novel as well as character sketches from 2009 to 2011 as I worked on this project. And as an added bonus I am including a short excerpt of the novel version that I am working on to read for your enjoyment! I won’t post this anywhere else! This second edition book will be a trade paperback version with perfect binding and will have around 100 pages, I am printing them through Comixpress. I’ve include some commentary on tons of notes I made while I was creating Dreamwalker and also some of my writing.

This will be the only time that I do this, so please take advantage of this, I may not be re-printing this graphic novel for a while.  If you are going to the Con and you pre-order I will have it for you there for pickup. I’m anticipating they will be ready two weeks before the con. Please let me know by March 12th if you will be pre-ordering a copy, I will be getting proofs before then. For Pre-Orders, Click here. I may be extending the pre-order date but as of right now they need to be in by March 12th.

For those of you who have purchased a copy last year, I’m sending you all a Special Promo Code to use for a Discount for this Second Edition copy of Dreamwalker.

I’m happy and truly grateful that  there are people who appreciate and follow my work, whatever form that may take in the next few years. Thanks again for taking this journey with me as I continue to evolve as an artist and writer.

I hope to see some of you there at Emerald City Con in Seattle this year, I heard the turn out this year is pretty amazing!

– Diane