Illustration for OS Fashion Baseball

OMG. Its been a while since I’ve blogged! I’ve been super busy doing a million other things in New York! Not to say I haven’t been drawing, I’ve been doing a lot of Thesis drawing work which i will post very soon. Its not easy being me. My mind is off racing on the next new thing! If I could only stay focused on one thing at a time, but my mind doesn’t work that way! I’m always doing 3 things at a time!

Anyway, here is an illustration I recently did for a t-shirt design for my friends at OS fashion. They’re having a benefit/Baseball game for the lupus foundation. Will keep you posted on deets…

Poster Design

Here’s a poster I recently designed for my friend Stan who’s an amazing saxophone player! He’s doing an Asian world tour in Korea and Japan at the end of this month! So proud! lol. Check out his site, he rocks!