Trying to get into the habit of blogging daily… every week we get a different model for my 6 hour studio class [Clothed Figure Drawing] it’s pretty intense, but I’m starting to get into the flow of drawing for hours and I love it! Two weeks ago we had an amazing model come in with this gypsy inspired outfit and this pretty long flowing skirt. Her poses were amazing and I could tell that she really was into it, sometimes we get models in class that show no feeling and sometimes in those classes I get a little bummed out to want draw them. As artists we pick up so much emotion from the world around us, and personally no one wants to draw a subject or model who has no imagination. I’m just sayin. lol. It was a little challenging to see where the structure of her legs were underneath the skirt, but the folds really help with locating the body parts and it does sort of start tricking my eyes after a while. And I find that when this happens you have to take a quick minute to observe and analyze the model a bit before you start drawing so that you can sort of feel the pose. Most of these drawings I upload on a weekly basis are unfinished, mainly because they are more like quick studies than actual finished drawings. After drawing the figure in various different poses, it starts registering in your brain as an exercise and muscle memory… repetition is key. After a while you can start to draw from memory =) To see more photos you can view them here.

                       I love the arch of her back here in this pose =)

Clothed figure drawing assignment

Here are two drawings assignments I did for class this week… except for my lame photo taking skills I was pretty happy with the turnout of these two drawings. The goal of this assignment was to indicate the folds, where the clothing would stretch and compress. Compression areas where the folds would bunch up like inside the elbow, under the knees, or inside the armpit area. The stretch areas would be the rounded back of the figure or the side of the body where it is the longest. My fellow classmates and I took photos of each other to use for photo reference, Carolina and Stephanie good job on the poses! lol.

Figure sketches from Class

Here are some clothed figure and nude sketches from the last 7 weeks of this semester from Michael Buffington’s Clothed Figure Drawing class. I’m learning so much from this class, I’m seeing my drawing improve a great deal the last few weeks… he’s got us practicing head sketches, legs, arms, torsos in our sketchbook every week. I love it though, repetition makes you awesome and much faster. Not only is my perception changing in the way I draw but it’s also helping with my character design for my Dreamwalker story. Those sketches will be on my blog at very soon! I’m a busy bee! I haven’t had much time to upload my blog, twitter, and website… too busy drawing! But I thought I’d post some of my fave drawings from class! They aren’t exactly finished pieces, more like studies, some of the poses are really fun and you can get a sense of the emotion behind each pose. Enjoy!

I love this lady’s poses, she was really fun to draw!

Stick ’em up!

I love this! She was also an actress and she was pretending to act like someone she knew passed away.

Some nude figure sketches.