Fight or Flight.


Lately I’ve been going through a lot in my life, not finding the right job and going through a bit of temporary financial hardships. The one thing that I’ve learned through this process is to not give up. Transitioning into a different career takes some time and patience.

Temporary setbacks have a way of toughening us up mentally, emotionally, and spiritually but when the going gets tough — we don’t give up. Instead we FIGHT even harder to get to where we want to get. If you’ve gotten farther anywhere in your life or career, having faith and believing that things will soon to turn out great is a positive attitude to have. The easy way out would be to abandon ship, give up halfway and not follow through.

But I realized something crazy this week, a bit of an Epiphany if you will– that if I had a full time job to take up most of my time this year — I wouldn’t have been able to:

1) Make friends and meet people in the animation/artistic community. And meeting people in general that I wouldn’t have other wise had time to meet or make acquaintances of.

2) Reach out to old friends, former acquaintances in California and connect with.

3) Have time to work on and finish my MFA thesis Project. (By the way I finished this in August) Super proud of myself. Most of it was done last year but the story was off and I had to go back and really figure out what was going on.

4) Go to Drawing/Sketch night workshops and practicing my skills and taking extra workshops for character design.

5) Finish a Children’s book project with a writer to create something great.

5) Tutor and mentor an Otis College illustration student for a year.

6) Help independent business owners with designing their websites for their businesses.

Instead of looking at the negative things that I’ve experienced this year, I’d like to highlight the great and positive things in my life. We’ve got to embrace both the bad and the good, because these things make us who we are, they teach us the person we want to become and give us faith when we need it.

It can be hard when other people especially family and close friends that may not see the same vision you have for your life may be giving you advice that may not be right for you. I am grateful there are people that love and care about me and only want to see me succeed but, this is the path I’ve chosen – and I am prepared to accept all of the responsibilities that come with staying on this path. I’m owning up to all of the hardships and not so great experiences that I have had this year – accepting things how they are. Then finding the courage to step up and take charge of the life I want and directing my course.

Let’s face it, being an artist or creative is a path not many understand — I am a Dreamer through and through, And MAYBE I could have done things differently but the past is the past and I am ready to move forward with GUSTO.

Besides those things, an attitude of staying on track and following through with your goals and plans is a necessary ingredient. Well, how do you stay motivated to follow through?

I always think, that fighting for the life I want is enough motivation for continuing the path. Find the calm within yourself, live in the moment, and stop worrying about the future. Stay present. Because life is short, live the life you want and be happy.


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