Disney Open House

Last week I was lucky enough to get invited to the Disney Open House that happens once a year by my friend Paul Briggs who’s head of story there. I really didn’t know what to expect, I was invited very last minute and I had the best time visiting the studio! They had a short screening of their new short, called “Feast” which is told through a dog’s perspective about food and how their eating habits change as it goes through the story.  It was a really cute short animation with great color compositions, combining traditional animation and 3D technology that the studio is producing. It’s pretty awesome, I think it comes out with Big Hero 6. So look out for it!
Then after the screening there was catered food, drinks, desserts and meeting lots of people from different studios! This was a really great opportunity to network and meet other artists and creatives from other studios. I really enjoyed meeting new people that night and exchanging business cards and getting to know other people that night. They even gave away a feast poster and a small Disney sketchbook. My friend Paul was nice enough to gift me a copy of his book “Torch Tiger” which is an anthology of short comics from a bunch of story artists at Disney. All in all it was a great night until they kicked everyone out at 10.


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