The Kiss

I promised to do more updating so here it is, the evolution of a drawing from inspiration, to sketch to final drawing to a little bit of tweaking. This scene above is of two characters named Sacha and Elias from my project “The Northstar”. This is actually the end scene, which of course I had to make a little cliche with the kiss at the end of the story. That’s how we all want stories to end right? Haha, well I kind of do! I’m not afraid to admit! I started off with an idea, then I found the picture reference below of the pose that I wanted to incorporate for my characters and applied it to the character design treatment I have for my story. I started with a very rough sketch in Photoshop by drawing on my tablet PC, which is the norm for how I work these days – I just sketch right onto the screen with my stylus pen. (If you’re wondering, I have a tablet PC Fujitsu that’s 11″ ! Bought it off someone on Craigslist!) And it eliminates drawing on a piece of paper and having to scan it into the computer, etc.. I just bypassed quite a few steps in the process. As you can tell I tweaked the final image on top, I drew in a headdress for Sacha and drew her hair and costume a little bit differently. I designed her outfit below a little different as the Northstar.

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