Teepee Bedroom

Here’s a concept sketch I drew this morning, its for a project I’m working on called The Northstar. This is a character named Sacha in this story I wrote, I’ve already designed her and wanted to place her in her own environment. If you want to see more character designs, they can be found in my portfolio. The inspiration for this came from the storyline, Sacha is the “Northstar” and I wanted to have a scene where the spirits of the past Northstars would come into her dream to talk to her and impart some words of wisdom. But I also like this set up, which seems to tell story without any over complication. I’m also working on finishing a set of story beat stills for the story, I have a few more to finish before I post them up here, so stay tuned for more! I want to make a game out of it, jumble the images around and see if anybody can figure out the storyline. Sound fun? I was just going to paint a value study but I ended up getting too carried away with the muted browns and pinks! It was fun!! The idea of creating something everyday and imagining it and not knowing the end result, is like the closest thing to heaven. Ha. I’m going to be developing this sketch into a more finished painting this week. Cheers!

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