Book Review: Power Time Management

How many times have we all made a long list of to dos only not to get to them by the end of the day? I know I have. I have pushed them off until the end of the day by doing anything and everything except for what I have to do!

Good time management has to do with prioritizing what’s important to get done that day and taking little steps to get there.. Otherwise you’ll start to feel overwhelmed with things that pile up! Another thing I’ve noticed is that I end up feeling guilty when it’s time to relax or take some much needed rest because I have not gotten to what I needed to get done. Let’s face it, we’re only human and its impossible to get everything done– but possible if we stick to our goals and manage our time much more efficiently. We need to schedule things into our calendar– including that free night during the week or a time off for the later half of the day. We can begin to have a guilt free relaxation if we allow ourselves to just have some fun every now and then!

An old instructor of mine Tom Marcoux, while I was going to grad school at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco recently offered me his latest book, “Power Time Management”. In it there is a section on how to boost your morale by writing down a Daily journal of Victories and Blessings so that you can keep track of all the good things in your life. This is a good pick me upper, especially if you are starting to feel a little down about things in your life not going the way you want them to. He also talks in his book about “Worst First”, getting all the things you don’t like to do at the start of the morning to get them out of the way. Like for example, if you’re a person that is challenged with clutter, you can factor into your schedule everyday at least fifteen minutes in the morning just to straighten out your place or your room.

Also, the last thing I want to talk about in this book is a section on Effort Goals and Result Goals. Effort meaning, how many calls did you make today on following up on job positions or sending out resumes? Or sending emails to people you network with? Result Goals on the other hand are things you can write down like get a job, finish a project, etc. This is a good way to give yourself credit for all of the hard work that you do and a good way to go to bed feeling happy.

This book is a very practical method in learning to live and go about your day to day! I highly recommend it! Its available both in Ebook version and Paperback. Click on each link below to purchase on Amazon. Happy reading!

Paperback Version

Kindle Version


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