Painting & Vino at 98 Bottles in Little Italy, San Diego

I recently went to a Painting & Vino Class at 98 bottles in Little Italy, San Diego last Sunday. 
I’m actually going to be teaching a class at night or on the weekends as side work and to really change it up! I love meeting people in a social setting and being a freelance artist I work from home a lot! I wanted to sit in on a class and experience it for myself and I had a great time! The class works on one painting and gets a step by step demo by the instructor as something fun to do with a friend or on a date night! The whole point is to enjoy have a good time, meet people, learn to paint, and to have some food and drinks! I’m definitely excited to start teaching in LA that they are organizing in the next month or so. I will keep you posted when the next ones are! For more info, you can go to their site,
Here’s a painting I did last Sunday. My little helper holding up my painting!

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