Hideous Jesus t-shirt

Once a month I go to a creative writing workshop and during the workshop there are a few different writing exercises. One of them was picking out a piece of item from a box and writing about it. The second one was choosing a picture from a pile of loose magazine papers and then also writing about the image. The third one was to take both of those things and integrate it into a story or imagine a few characters. My two items were a really ugly and hideous Jesus t-shirt, something you can probably buy at a rave! The second one was a painting of a man standing and overlooking New York City from the Brooklyn bridge on a nice day. So this is the short story I came up with, it was really fun!

Gustave wondered about the Jesus t-shirt again. It was the third time this week it came to his mind. He stood on the Brooklyn Bridge on a hot midday spring. New York City was beautiful after the snow cleared up. The flowers started to bloom, the birds were outdoors singing and chirping loudly. Love was in the air. He thought about this same time the year before with Madeline. They would stroll hand in hand in Prospect Park, sitting occasionally to chat about life and kissing. Lots of kissing. Kissing with their eyes closed. Kissing every time he made her laugh. Or the sneaky way she would surprise him with a kiss when he wasn’t paying attention to her. Kissing when he’d had a bad day at work. But then he thought of the hideous Jesus t-shirt he bought her over a vacation in Nevada and their first time going to Burning Man together. Burning Man, the lights, the music, the costumes or the lack thereof worn by crazy and obscene people dancing around. But all of that goes away when his mind skips to the night in the tent. The night Madeline wore the hideous Jesus t-shirt and he entered her for the first time. They became one at that moment.

Any thoughts? Comments? I’d love to hear what you think! I think writing exercises are a good way to get your imagination working and to also help come up with other ideas. I’d say this was a 15 minute writing exercise. They are also a good way to get the day started or to unwind from the day! Happy writing!


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