Save the Cat

In the world of film and animation there’s a term called “Save the Cat” moment. Something I actually learned quite recently while interning for a small animation studio in Burbank. Come to think of it, I’ve seen it and recognized it in a lot of movies yet had no idea there was an actual term for it!

There is a formula to storytelling.  Whatever form it’s being told, whether through animation, movies, or even through a novel… Save the cat is a moment in the story where we see the main character show compassion towards another human being. This element is important because it gets the audience to care for the main character, to show that the main character has a good heart.

The best example is the Disney classic feature animation Aladdin, the beginning starts off with the main character stealing a loaf of bread, he’s a street rat and he has to survive. Then he gets away and stumbles upon two small kids who are also just as hungry as he is, so he offers to give them his bread instead. Save the cat. It’s absolutely brilliantly done.

Here’s a video I found on you tube showing a few examples of “Save the Cat”

and a book I also found on amazon Save the Cat by Blake Snyder, click on the link below to check it out!


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