Big Softie

Here’s a quick sketch of a Lumberjack character I did over the weekend while taking a two day Character Design workshop at the Silver Drawing Academy in Sun Valley. Stephen Silver is a phenomenal artist and teacher, he emphasized IDEA and then Design over technical skills. You can always change your design and drawing, but if its lacking idea and energy then your art will come across as boring. I couldn’t agree more, I think its important to have the personality come across in the character drawing. You can see below at the very bottom at my attempt for an idea and then at the end of the first class he had us change and modify our design based on the principles he taught in class. You can see my final design has more perspective and the angles are more interesting instead of it being a flat character design. If you’re curious about workshops/classes, Stephen Silver has a website, 
I colored this Photoshop and used the pen tool to get a more flatter 2D look. 

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