Sacha and the Northstar Crystal

Progression paintings in Photoshop that I’ve been working on in the last few months for my thesis book. You can see how much it has changed in the last few versions I’ve saved, from the initial sketch to the Photoshop version. Sadly I’m still short of some paintings for my thesis book. I have to keep working so that I can print and submit the final. The top version is what I’ve come to, hopefully I won’t change it again. I’m really digging the flat 2D look, sometimes I have to remind myself not to over work a piece especially if I’m going for a particular style, it will start to lose its stylistic quality. I would recommend choosing a color scheme before you tackle a painting head on! Sometimes I just go for it, not really a good way to start working!

I think I often get burned out from working on this, thinking about how to do things… researching different methods, trying different methods, and doing many different versions! I’ve been working on this project for the last year and a half as part of my graduate book. Though I’m done with school, this I’m still lagging on…. My mind needs a break every so often and there are 2-3 weeks in between where I don’t even look at this work or do anything! And of course life happens and freelancing projects in between from home. Must get this done soon!

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