Imagining a story through a painting.

I recently joined a creative writing workshop last week and it was very enlightening! LA is a super creative city and I had no idea that it would satisfy all of my creative impulses! I enjoy drawing, animation, and writing– what better place to be than here. So we had a few writing exercises and one of them was to imagine a story through a painting. So here is what I came up with! Let me know what you think…


Eleanor had too much to drink. Elizabeth sat bored and observed the half empty bottle on Eleanor’s hand. Her older sister was nearly only five years older than her, but her ways of consumption of wine had done a number on her youth. She looked more like she was in her early forties than a woman of only twenty-five. All she did was spend her days sleeping into the afternoon and her evenings out and about disguised as a servant, gallivanting about the taverns drinking with the townspeople. What a way to destroy someone’s life, Elizabeth thought. For she spent her days outside absorbing the sun and reading the classics until it was time for afternoon tea. Knowledge was what she was after, her sister only had drinking to fill her.


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