CTNX 2013

First time I’ve ever been to CTN Animation Expo and I was super inspired by so much talent!

There were a lot of really cool workshops and lectures that I went to and a few of them were Color and Design with Lorelay Bove and Jill Daniels which they stressed the importance of using color to tell the story and to express the mood and feeling. The other really awesome one was called “Be Your Own Boss” which a successful freelance artist named Cedric Hohnstadt talked about freelancing tips and the resources available to us as independent artist. I also went to a Storyboarding workshop by Storyboard.org and they had Giancarlo Volpe as a speaker and he gave a lecture about working on the Avatar series and the Green Lantern series on Disney. I had a hell of a time re-connecting with old friends and making new friends with other artists. The Animation industry is so small and tight knit, it was super cool to see what other artists are doing and finally meeting some of the artists I admired. One of them was Stephen Silver whom I admire for his character design work and Pascal Campion who creates whimsical and colorful images. Here are some books I got at CTNX.


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