Loki at San Diego Comic-Con 2013


I’m so sad that I missed San Diego Comic-con this year and last! I was studying abroad this summer in Florence and last year I didn’t have much vacation time from work. I have not been exhibiting at Comic-con Artist Alley since summer of 2011. But I miss the chaos and the craziness! I can’t believe I just saw this now, but I am a hardcore Thor fan of the movies and comics! Tom Hiddlesworth plays Loki so well, he brings such a dimensional quality to him. I love Loki’s character complexities, he is the monster that parents tell children about at bedtime stories but he also walks a fine line towards redeeming himself and being of the light. One of my all time favorite characters! I hope you enjoy this video, its so funny!




I’m experimenting with a new style in photoshop these days, trying different things to get different results. This is actually an older drawing I had from months and months ago that I never did anything with. Here’s the original drawing in case you were curious. I learned so much traditional oil painting techniques this summer that it has helped me improve upon my digital painting as well. We also got to visit a lot of museums this summer such as the Uffizi Gallery and the Collection at Pitti Palace in Florence. We had our own personal tour guide, Bill Maughn who is one of the directors at the Academy of Art University– and he’s been to these museums several times. I also got to see a lot of old paintings from the medieval period through the renaissance with angels being depicted in their paintings as messengers of God and also as protectors, the intermediaries between the heavens and humans. Italy is a very inspiring place to visit and study. I’m thankful that I got to study there and also have been completely inspired by the art and environment of Florence.

The Beekman 33 Music Salon. Saturday Sept. 7th at 6-11pm


Come join us this Saturday for the Beekman33 Music Salon a one night supper club, concert, and startup showcase.

Six Interactive Courses, haute-quality produce & meats, farm-sourced in renegade pop-up kitchen with chefs Benjamin Walmer and Peter Droste of HDC. Tasting competition with local Brooklyn spirits selected by Matt Bruck of JOIOS.

Two of my very good friends put this event together and I couldn’t be more excited for them! I will be at this event on Saturday, hope to see you there! Tell your friends!

For more info and tickets, go to beekman33.eventbrite.com, Location in Brooklyn, to be revealed after tickets have been purchased.