Roadtrippin’ in Montepulciano and Paciano, Italy.

Montepulciano is about 2 hours away by car south of Florence. My painter friends and I decided to get away from the busy touristy city of Florence and explore the Italian countryside last weekend. Which of course included laying out by the infinity pool and wine tasting! We rented a tiny Volkswagen from Europcar, packed a backpack and set off to the Italian countryside for three days!

Montepulciano is a medieval and renaissance hill town, there is evidence that its been in existence since the 4th or 3rd Century B.C. Wrap your head around that for a second. Wow. Its definitely one of the most beautiful ones I’ve been to– I’d have to say this is my favorite! Its a really high hike though, you’ve been forewarned! But it is totally worth it, because once you get to the top the view is strikingly beautiful! If there’s anything important you need to know about this town is that it is known for the best food and wine in all of Italy. Its famous for its wine more than anything, noteably the Vino Nobile- a red wine that is absolutely tasty. I’m not sure if you can get this wine in the states but roughly it costs 20 euros a bottle, which is around 25 USD.

We also had lunch at the Osteria del Borgo restaurant at the very top of the hill, its quite delicious! A must try if you’re visiting Montepulciano!

Pics of  the villa we stayed at in Paciano. If you’re curious about staying here, you can find more info here through their facebook page. Click here.  There are about three different properties you can pick from and the owners were very lovely and accommodating. It was a very peaceful and relaxing time in the Italian countryside.


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