Spring is here! Finally! After a long and sleepy winter, I’m finally starting to wake up! I have to admit its been a really depressing winter for me personally since I’m a SoCal native from San Diego to bear such a long winter! This winter was the first time I actually had to invest in a down parka. Fortunately winter’s over and we can look forward to sunny days in New York!

Welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I have a few different blogs out there on the interwebs, one for my concept art portfolio and another for dreams and interpreting them. However I wanted to create another blog for the process of creativity, different things pertaining to my other interests in books, movies, shows, different forms of art, and all things related to story and animation. I also want to find things that inspire people and talk about other things in culture, as well as insights and deep thoughts. It can be a bit intimidating to start your own blog and actually write about things that may or may not interest other people. But who knows, I’m doing this for a small minority who may be interested in what I have to say. Thanks for visiting and I hope to hear about what you have to say, comments, questions, things we can explore together!