Oh Homer.

This is a class assignment I did last week. New semester, more drawings! I am proud to say that I am 4 classes shy of obtaining my MFA in Visual Development for Animation! Oh yeah! Soon school will be nothing but a faded memory…

I’m taking a directed studies class… which means I can cater the assignments to working on my thesis and drawings!  I’m taking Visual Elements of Story again so I can develop my artwork further. It really is a good class and a pre-requisite course for the Visual Development Artist.

I have til the end of the year to complete my thesis. Woohoooooo! This Homer assignment was necessary to do to make sure we have the experience and practice for following structure when constructing a character. In animation there is a style guide or style sheet for the characters that you follow for drawing consistency and because in reality whether you are working for a studio or on a feature film, there always several people working on a character.

I’m really excited this semester to really get cranking on my drawings and to really see what I come up with. Its going to be a busy Spring semester for me as I also work a 9-5 job! Everyday I’m hustlin!! That’s the New York City energy, gotta love it.

I may be M.I.A. for a while, just a heads up. =p But I will try to post more updates.


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