San Francisco Cityscape

Last week for my Landscape Painting class, yay! It’s been a long and grueling semester of painting after work until all hours of the night. I’m really glad this class is almost over! For our final painting we were given free reign to choose whatever we wanted to paint. So I chose to do a cityscape painting of San Francisco. I’ve used one of my photos as a reference to capture the scene for the painting. I’m a little bit nostalgic over SF and I had loved living there even though it was such a short time while I did full time graduate work. Nonetheless I wanted to paint something that I could hang up in my current bare apartment walls. This is the underpainting and this is typically what it would look like before adding colors. It makes for a stronger painting when you do the underpainting and know where all the value patterns are, vs attacking the painting with just color head on. The underpainting serves as a guide for applying color and it makes the process go much smoother. I started adding color and will post the color version later on in the week when I actually finish it!

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