Landscape – Quick Study #2

This is what I did over the weekend. Yep. I have two other work in progress paintings… I feel like I’ve been a recluse all weekend! Haha. None of these quick study paintings are on location. We’re actually painting from photographs still… But it helps to figure out composition, lighting, value, etc. Feeling a little more confident handling the paint but one of the things I over looked in this painting is adding some of the light from the sky into some of the tops of trees. Sometimes when you’re working on something that’s directly in front of you, its harder to see the bigger picture until you step back and have a look. And then that’s when you realize OH DAMN! it looks like a painting! haha. We’re taught to look at the shapes and all the different values . So there is a process. Dividing the canvas into its respective parts of the composition, then blocking our the darker value shape areas then working towards adding lighter values… Now 3 more paintings to go!

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