The Lioness

I recently colored this sketch in Photoshop, I’ve included the black and white ink drawing I did in a Japanese brush pen. My friend Tom gave me some inking tips so I’ve been experimenting with both inking in brush pens and doing some inking in Photoshop digitally with the pen tool. You can check out my friend Tom’s site here, his stuff rocks.

This is an old drawing from early January of this year that I never got a chance to color! I’ve made this available as a print in my Society 6 Profile as well as an iPhone case. My inspiration came from studying and doing research on Native American Indian Spirituality amongst my obsession with feathers and headresses and the zodiac signs.  As this implies the Lioness or “Leo” woman is a strong and independent type. This is what I found online: “Leo is Sun-ruled, and her warmth at times seems supernatural, like she has her own secret light source. This gives her power to create and shine powerfully, asserting her presence in the world.” It just so happens that I am a Leo! LOL. Its all true… haha. ❤

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