Pan background assignment

This semester has been rough! I had such a busy schedule this spring, from my 9-5 here in New York and two online classes. On top of that I was taking a 6 week novel writing workshop which ends this week as well! But I’m glad I pulled through and now I can look forward to finishing my writing and my Cali trip next week! Yay! Here is a background I did for a panning assignment. Its from an Animation Layout Design class that I had this spring. This is still in its rough version, but you get the idea, my character is running down the hill trying to chase the cable car. This is part of my thesis project which I’m still unbelievably working on in my spare time. Its supposed to pan from left to right and I haven’t yet drawn where the character is positioned at in 3 different pan shots. Maybe I will repost again when I finish.

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