Emerald City Comicon Recap

My last 4-5 weeks have been spent preparing for Seattle, now that its over I can finally breathe! There were a bunch of things that I had to do as far as putting together this new 2nd Edition. I had to look for all of my material that I wanted to include and so I ended up doing a lot of scanning, both drawings and dream writings and formatting them into the right file size for print. Many people at Emerald City Comicon asked whether I do all my own layouts, the answer is yes I do all of the editing as far as the book layout, placing all the files in InDesign and getting all the files ready for printing and proofing. I am a one-WOMAN show! It also helps that I studied Graphic Design and have worked in the field for a couple of years now. It was a lot of work to put this together, a lot of late nights, and a lot of love! This 2nd Edition was really revealing for me, I discuss a lot of personal things I went through and a lot of writing on personal dreams, etc. I hope you find it insightful!

Emerald City Comicon was amazing! I met a lot of talented artists and creative professionals and really got a chance to talk to them about their process. I’m usually alone at these Comic-cons and Friday was hard to walk around without leaving my table too long so sadly I didn’t get to meet all of the artists I wanted to talk to. Luckily, my friend Anthony came out and met me in Seattle and helped me man my table on Saturday! So Saturday I got to walk around and buy a few things from different artists. Some new people I met were Sarah Straub, Melanie of Crab Tank Small Press, David Mack, Erin Humiston, Georges Jeanty, the peeps at the Archaia booth and many more. I’m really happy to meet everyone who came to my table and showed interest in my work, it really means a lot to see other people excited about the work that I do! I am always open to talking to anyone about my work and my process. I really do love doing the smaller shows and Comicons, it’s so much easier to talk to people and it’s not always as crowded as San Diego International Comic-con.

Sadly, I won’t be making it out to San Diego Comic-con this year, its way too much for me and I’ve done it the last two years. I am however planning on going to the Chicago Con in August and quite possibly APE San Francisco in October. I will definitely keep you guys posted on another round of Dreamwalker prints. As of right now I won’t be doing anymore printing, please sign up for my mailing list for more details on the next round of orders. I completely sold out at Emerald City Comicon! Seattle was an extremely lovely city to visit, its nice that it isn’t as crowded as New York!

Thanks again to everyone for showing me a lot of love and support in my work, I truly appreciate that people enjoy it!

Now back to writing and finishing my novel version of Dreamwalker in the next 2 months!

To view photos from Emerald City Comicon, please visit my FB FanPage here.




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