Alice in Wonderland thumbnails

Some digital thumbnails I did for the Alice in wonderland scenes for an earlier post. As you can see I picked the third one from the top, these were all done in photoshop. I had them roughly sketched out in pencil but I thought I’d clean them up for my final presentation in my Visual Development class. They were really fun to do, I’d say it roughly took me about 15-20 mins each to do since they were very small scale. If you can do your thumbnails digitally, I’d say do them if you have a wacom tablet. They’re much quicker than doing them by hand and you can change the value settings and layer blend modes in photoshop. For the lights I actually made a separate layer on top of the layer that I did with darker values and changed the blend mode to color dodge so that I would have a drastic contrast between the values.  I made a default thumbnail template with a light gray on it and for each thumbnail I did, I used the magic wand tool to select the thumbnail/layer I was working on so that they would look much cleaner- so that I didn’t paint out of the lines. =)  First time I did my thumbnails digitally! Its quite rewarding! You can easily add depth to the composition.

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