Advice to Freelance Artists and Charging Clients

Practical advice that I have picked up from working in the freelance field doing Graphic Design in the last couple of years, nevertheless this applies to all artists. Please never ever do Free work unless it is worth your time and talents. In the end it is your choice =)
  • The work I do is valuable, therefore I need to charge.
  • Ask your client if it is valuable to them (the service that you are providing)
  • Money is exchange of energy.
  • Money is essential to growing your business and profession
  • What is my ultimate goal for this business? Do I want to be self-employed?
  • Fully shift and step into this role, shift your perspective.
  • Take your profession and your work seriously.
  • Work out a flexible payment plan for your clients. 
  • Tell yourself that what you are practicing, doing, passionate about is VALUABLE.

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