Malicious Controlling Jellyfish Heads

I never got a chance to post up these pages that I created during the 24 hour comic book day last October in SF. To read more about it click here. =) A very nice writer from my school at the Academy of Art, by the name of Lynn Dalsing was kind enough to interview me and write about some of my work. It’s called the Malicious Controlling Jellyfish heads, its silly and I hope it makes you laugh!
Since this was the first time I participated I had no idea how many pages I could actually crank out in 24 hours. Let’s just say I set the intention of completing 3 pages and I managed to complete 3  “11×17” sized pages in 9 hours. Nope there was no way I was spending the night and staying up for 24 hours! I would die! Just kidding. But the challenge was to create 24 pages in 24 hours, that I hope to someday accomplish =) for fun. The guy sitting next to me cranked out 12 pages when I left and ended up becoming one of the winners.
I hope to work on this story a little more this year, I’ve posted these on facebook and had some friends ask how it ends and when I was going to keep working on this! The answer to those two questions is: I don’t know! But hopefully as soon as I finish drawing and inking my current project “Dreamwalker” I’ll be able to get to doing other projects. Enjoy! Let me know what you think! 

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