Flying Dream

I had a dream the other night that I grew wings… It was night out and it was raining very lightly. I found myself in a large open field away from people. I felt like a light being, not in physical form. I was with two other celestial beings who were instructing me on how to fly. I couldn’t see their faces but I saw that they both had very large angel wings same as mine. They were both holding a golden circular object with a gold line running down the center of it. I drew a quick sketch of it in Photoshop to give you an idea of how it looked in my dream.

Isn’t that a strange looking thing? The instructions were to lay this flat piece of thing on the ground and to do 3 cartwheels as a magical ritual towards the circle and then you would place both your feet inside the circle on either side of the line and it would magically light up…. and it would magically lift you up to fly. In my dream I watched them show me how and watched them lift off and fly away, I tried a few times to do what they asked me to do and finally I started to take off and fly… I kept feeling in my dream that I wanted to get off the ground because there were zombies out to chase me and that was the reason I wanted to fly… it felt like living on earth wasn’t the only place I could live. Once I was airborne, I felt a little shaky flying from side to side until I struggled to give it my all and started flying higher and higher using both my arms and wings to go even higher.

Then I woke up! I thought when I woke up: my quest to finding other ways of being on this earth rather than just mingling with the physical world… I want so much to learn other planes of existence… to know what it felt like to also be a part of another world that I can barely touch.

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