Light temperature Influencing Reflected Color – Still Life

This is a design project I did for my Color Theory class, this was an exercise on using filter gels over the lighting to see how they influence the light temperature as it casts on the objects. I’m getting much better at mixing the colors and really matching the colors together. There was one key color I used here and that was a light orange, and then I applied all the other colors on top. The key color helps to harmonize the objects in the painting. Doing these projects are such a process, I have to generate a black and white version in graphite, then I take it and photocopy it and from there I generate colored pencil comps to work out the color scheme. I imagine most artists have a similar approach, and it is quite an effective method – so that you don’t end up wasting time jumping right into the painting. I’ve had other projects where we painted directly in previous classes without any rhyme or reason,  but I really like the process of doing roughs because it forces you to explore and really slow you down a little to analyze and observe what you’re doing, instead of mindlessly attacking the canvas. THINK about what you’re going to paint first and strategize so that you can plan and make no mistakes, especially if you’re on a time crunch and were actually working for a client.

     This was the still life I set up in class and the photo reference I used for the project.

                            Colored pencil comps and messy desk full of paints.

                                          Waiting for the paint to dry

                                           Almost Finished…

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