Optic Mix – Color Theory Class

This is what I started off with… building colors on top of each other.

 After two weeks and over 20 something hours of work on it…
It still needs work… this was really challenging to work on, the goal of the assignment was to not mix the colors together but using a few colors that you could mix up and down the value chart and grouping them together to create an in-between color… thus your eyes creating an optic mix of colors. Staring and working on a piece of 4×5 illustration board with a ruling pen making dots… lets just say after a while of repetitive dotting… dot dot dot…. my eyes were starting to play tricks on me. Gah! Haha. It’s sort of frustrating trying to match the colors and mix the exact colors close to my photo reference.

End result… the cheeks were a little too dark =( I tried!! lol. At least I got it done 😉

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