Figure sketches from Class

Here are some clothed figure and nude sketches from the last 7 weeks of this semester from Michael Buffington’s Clothed Figure Drawing class. I’m learning so much from this class, I’m seeing my drawing improve a great deal the last few weeks… he’s got us practicing head sketches, legs, arms, torsos in our sketchbook every week. I love it though, repetition makes you awesome and much faster. Not only is my perception changing in the way I draw but it’s also helping with my character design for my Dreamwalker story. Those sketches will be on my blog at very soon! I’m a busy bee! I haven’t had much time to upload my blog, twitter, and website… too busy drawing! But I thought I’d post some of my fave drawings from class! They aren’t exactly finished pieces, more like studies, some of the poses are really fun and you can get a sense of the emotion behind each pose. Enjoy!

I love this lady’s poses, she was really fun to draw!

Stick ’em up!

I love this! She was also an actress and she was pretending to act like someone she knew passed away.

Some nude figure sketches.

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