Chiaroscuro Week 2 Assignment – Figure in Perspective

This is an assignment I never posted up, it was to draw from a master copy and outline the figure. We had to draw three boxes within the body – the head, ribcage, and the pelvis to show what perspective the parts of the body was in. It’s really cool I think, before this assignment I had no concept as to where the hips were facing or the head. Knowing this can really help with drawing the figure in relation to its environment and also I think it gives a sense of naturalism. The figure has a sense of space and moves it out of the flat 2-dimensional form into a 3-dimensional perspective. Also it helps the figure from floating in outer space. We are all in fact in 3-dimensional space, and I think this is the most important thing that I am learning from both of my studio drawing classes. I am learning that depending on how we view the figure, parts of the body are just naturally in some kind of perspective and it’s easy to imagine a box within it to give it some sort of structure. Link to notes:

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