Chiaroscuro Class wk 5

Da Vinci Assignment Week 5

This was my end result, although I’ve put so many hours on it – I still couldn’t finish it! I think I had issues with using the vine charcoal. And I think I simply got so distracted by all the different parts of the drawing that I completely couldn’t finish it, I wasn’t focused well enough, so everything distracted me =(

The feedback I got in class:
-values are of course inconsistent since I didn’t finish all of it
-to look at the values as a whole – smoother transitions between the values
-my transitions were abrupt
-to control the materials I was working with, to really refine my use of them and sharpening my eye to really see
-overall my structure was good, good use of light and dark.

Also some other lecture notes in class that I thought interesting:
-Drawing is about taking the scales off our eyes
-To let go and to really see beyond our own biases and misconceptions in regards to replicating a master piece
-To go beyond our own cultural biases
-That looking at a painting can alter one’s soul (that’s what they believed back in the day)
-Paintings have a way of influencing the masses

But overall this week I learned that it isn’t about really finishing something, but the process and what I learned through the process.

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