Chiaroscuro Class wk 4

Da Vinci assignment week 4

From the feedback I got last week on fixing my composition, I ended up fixing the lines and making sure the relationship of the angles from side to side matching it in regards to the center point, etc. This week we had to block in the shadows, I kept layering on the vine charcoal… it is so dirty! And to me charcoal is just so hard to work with, I have a love and hate for the medium. =)

Some notes from this week’s class:
Our instructor talked about analyzing and our feelings, which was really interesting as to how we felt about our drawing. She was saying how are feelings are much more precise and to use our feelings to decide if we feel right about our drawing in regards to composition. Analyzing our drawing too much logically… our mind starts to distort our drawing and our vision of it. Which I think is so true… sometimes we have to step back and allow for some distraction before coming back and looking at it again or working on it.
-the feeling or the click when things fall into place or finally feeling the drawing looks right.

Also some more notes:
-you have to be honest with yourself as an artist, you can’t be a good artist if you lie to yourself a lot.
-shapes are organic with humanly forms
-to also look at the drawing through a mirror to see if there is any distortion or anything that looks a little off
-measuring distances and comparing it to the other shapes
-checking where the lines and angles meet, referring to verticals and horizontals as marking points
-looking at how and where things line up.
-actual light and reflected light, light and highlight areas.

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