Chiaroscuro Class wk 3

Chiaroscuro wk 3 Leonardo Da Vinci Drapery

This is the beginning of a 3 week Da Vinci assignment, so the first week was just sketching out the composition and fixing the angles and placement of the drawing. I had to adjust the lines, some were higher and the left knee needed to be lower and the right knee was a little too low.

Original Da Vinci master drawing

Also in week 3 we discussed in class about composition and the 4 elements:
1) Focal Point – one area that attracts the attention of the viewer through a strong value contrast, bright color or the first thing that would be noticed within a composition.
2) Lead the eye – through composition by following lines and shapes.
3) Odd numbers – to break up the eye, even numbers are boring
4) Variation – variety of shapes, size, value, and color

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