First Semester at the Academy of Art

Hello people… I just recently moved to the bay area from Sunny San Diego to pursue my dream of becoming an Illustrator! I love love to draw! I’ve been here for a little over a week now starting my first semester at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco as an Illustration Grad student. I pretty much left SD on a last minute whim… although I had been planning on moving to the bay and attending the academy for almost two years now… I wasn’t ready to leave San Diego just yet. I finally decided to leave SD in late July and then moved two days before classes began and I am so much happier!! I absolutely love San Francisco and I find that there is so much inspiration in the city… although I am not used to all the walking and climbing up the hills, I know I’ll soon adapt. This is by far the best decision I ever made, and that is pursuing my dreams of becoming an Illustrator/Artist and being able to do what I love everyday. I have already met some great people and I am learning so much from all of my classes. This semester I am taking a Chiaroscuro Class, Clothed Figure Drawing Class, and an Italian Renaissance History Class. I am lovin it out here!

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